Solo Cello in Richmond Wedding

We provided Carina as a solo cello player for a wedding in Richmond. With covid restrictions, the previously booked string quartet was reduced down to a solo cello with backing tracks on a small Bluetooth speaker. Solo cello is a beautiful sounding instrument and works extremely well in smaller weddings. The venue here is Pembroke Lodge, which is a fabulous venue in Richmond Park. If you’ve not been, we’d strongly recommend going to have a look, regardless of whether you’re looking for a wedding venue. There’s a great cafe and a terrace with stunning views. They do great tea and scones!

Solo cello was great for the tunes that had been chosen for the ceremony. With the backing tracks which are on piano (cello and piano is a beautiful combination), the theme from Beauty and the Beast, as well as Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, sounded great. Solo cello is a romantic and expressive sound and the backing tracks give it another dimension. With perfect elegance, the cello can play solo Bach and beautiful classical tunes and then segue into playing Ed Sheehan, Adele and other more modern tunes with the backing tracks. This contrast is like booking two acts and can really enhance the difference between the formal and less formal parts of the day. And of course the compact nature of just one musician and a small speaker is very portable and space-saving. There’s also the very special sound of this instrument which is brought to the fore by the lack of other string instruments playing at the same time.

Hiring a cello player for a wedding in Richmond is a great idea. Carina went on to play during the drinks reception and the happy couple were delighted with the live wedding music. It really adds to the atmosphere – even more so in these days of smaller events.

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Solo Cello in Richmond Wedding

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