Corporate Music Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music will suit our corporate event?

This depends on the event. If you want the music to create an atmosphere without overwhelming the room, then background acts are the way forward. An electric or acoustic string quartet, a small jazz band or a singer with piano player will all achieve this elegant atmosphere whilst never distracting from any business networking.

What if we want something more like a show to impress our clients?

This is absolutely fine and just involves different acts and usually higher costing options. For example, a gospel choir singing pop tunes with their amazing vocals. Or perhaps a DJ drummer who can hit his custom-made LED drums to display your branding on large screen TVs.

How can you help us chose the right music for our event if we’re unsure?

Liquid Strings is run by event musicians, so we have lots of experience. Once you’ve shared as much information about the event as you can and what your aims are, we will think about a range of acts that would work well and give you some options. Knowing your budget saves time but if you haven’t established it just yet, we’ll provide some ballpark figures and then refine as soon as you let us know which act(s) you may be interested in booking.

Can we incorporate our brand into your music?

Yes, absolutely. With some communication, we can look at using brand colours, logos, and select the type and style of music to incorporate your brand fully. With branding being so strong it’s not hard to do this. And it can be done in a subtle or overt way, depending on your requirements.

Is it best to have more than one act for different parts of a corporate event, especially a longer one?

Yes, in general it is. The kind of music you’d have when delegates are arriving is likely to be very different from the kind of music you’d have for a post-dinner social, where something like a band or DJ will be much more fitting than a solo harpist, for example.

Are some music acts more suited for corporate events?

Yes they are, as their act is more entertaining for a corporate event. An electric string quartet that performs a choreographed routine with big sounding backing tracks and beats can be a great dramatic act between courses in a dinner service. Acts like this are highly experienced in performing in corporate events, but there are still other, less obvious acts that can be very effective also.

We have 500 guests. Do we need amplified music?

Yes – it will definitely be useful for events with this many guests in a large venue.

What if the amplified music drowns out the conversation and becomes annoying?

With a good sound engineer and production, this simply cannot happen. The music would start off with the volume down and only rise according to levels of conversation in the venue. With good speakers and strategic positioning, the sound will be evenly distributed. These days, all it takes is a phone or iPad to change the levels wirelessly. This means the engineer can walk around the event and adjust the levels in real time which works very seamlessly.

Do you provide AV and lighting?

We can provide AV and lighting with some trusted suppliers we’ve worked with. We’re equally happy to work with the venue’s staff or the company you’ve already employed for this.

Our event is quite small with only around 50 delegates. Why would we need music?

Because it creates an atmosphere that a playlist via speakers can’t. It’s always a pleasure to see and hear good live music and it also breaks the ice more in smaller events.