String Acts

Here at Liquid Strings, we work with a variety of string musicians and acts. Whilst many of them are classical musicians, these days there is more classic and contemporary crossover and a number of our string players will go from playing with the London Symphony Orchestra one week to playing with Adele on a tour the next. They also play on film soundtracks and albums. We only work with highly trained professional musicians who are very accustomed to playing in high-end events. They trained in some of London’s finest music colleges, as well as similar institutes in the rest of the UK and abroad.

Let Us Help You Find the Best String Act for Your Event

Different string acts are suited to different events and we are always happy to help you find the best match. For example, if you’re holding a corporate event, you may want a glamorous electric string quartet to elevate the occasion – and to deliver a stunning choreographed show that creates an amazing atmosphere and highly memorable evening. Alternatively, for a wedding, an acoustic string quartet playing special renditions of current pop songs may be much more appropriate and creates a sophisticated atmosphere without interrupting your guests’ conversations. Every event is unique and to make it an occasion to remember, you need to have the right entertainment, whether as background music or to create more of a show.

Our acoustic string quartets and string trios are a very popular choice and can play classical music at the start of an event, like a champagne reception. They can also play jazz and contemporary music in a classical style, which adds another dimension to the music performed. These will be tunes that are famous, but not famously played by a string section – so they can really stand out and grab the attention of your guests. Examples include music from Adele, Pharrell, David Guetta, John Legend and Maroon 5, and event attendees often really enjoy hearing (and identifying) these popular songs played in a different style.

If you’re having a smaller, more intimate event with fewer guests, then you may want to consider a string duo. For example, harp and flute, violin and cello or violin and guitar. A solo violin, viola, cello or guitar can also be a good choice. When choosing the most appropriate act, factors to consider include size of the room where the live music will be played, the number of guests and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. If you’re looking for a magical atmosphere then solo harp may be just right with its repertoire of great songs and the beautiful delicate sound it makes, as well as its impressive appearance. Or you may want the act to echo either the theme of the event or the venue itself. One example is when we provided a solo Spanish guitar act for the Spanish Garden of the Roof Gardens, Kensington to play for a wedding there. We also hired out a string quartet for a wedding that had a Game of Thrones theme. The quartet played a repertoire of wedding songs – and then the theme to Game of Thrones as the newlyweds entered the room for the wedding breakfast!

There are so many ways that string acts can enhance the enjoyment of an event and we’re always delighted to be able to help you with this. Suitable events include weddings, parties, corporate events, university graduation ceremonies, baptisms and naming ceremonies, birthday celebrations and also events in art galleries and members’ clubs. So if you are thinking of hiring a string act for your forthcoming event, do get in touch with your requirements.Let Us Help You Find the Best String Act for Your Event

String Acts