String Quartet

String Quartet act

“All of our wedding guests commented on how fantastic the quartet were on the day and how beautifully they played...

String Trio

String Trio act

“We just wanted to say how fantastic the string trio were on Saturday – they created a lovely ambiance and...

Violin and Cello Duo

Violin and Cello Duo act

A string duo is a musically intimate pairing of two stringed instruments, usually violin and cello. It is very easy...

Solo Cellist

Solo Cellist act

A solo cellist sounds beautiful in a wedding or private party. All our cello players are superb and experienced professionals...

Solo Guitar

Solo Guitar act

“Julian was fabulous, absolutely perfect. The service you provided from start to finish was superb, I couldn’t have asked for...

London Solo Harpist

London Solo Harpist act

To hire a perfect harpist for your event, you need someone with skill and experience. Louise has had over 10...

Electric String Trio

Electric String Trio act

This is a stylish female string trio comprising 2 violins and a double bass. Duos, quartets and quintets can also...

London Electric Violinist

London Electric Violinist act

Sally is a leading electric violinist, based in London. She collaborates with exceptional DJs and musicians. And tours with Madonna, Jay-Z,...

Electric Violinist

Electric Violinist act

Electric violinist Naomi has performed in over 15 countries and 3 continents over the last 10 years.  She dazzles audiences...

Guitar and Flute Duo

Guitar and Flute Duo act

If you hire a guitar and flute duo for your wedding, party or corporate event, you get a beautiful sounding...

Electric String Quartet

Electric String Quartet act

Young and vibrant, LS Electric String Quartet are an all-female classical and electric group. The same show can be delivered...

Bollywood String Duo

Bollywood String Duo act

This amazing live act fuses classical and crossover music and can perform an amazing Bollywood Show for Indian weddings and...

Electric Violin Aerial Act

Electric Violin Aerial Act act

The Liquid Strings electric violin and aerial dancer act is an exclusive new collaboration of two violins with aerial silk...

Singing Violinist

Singing Violinist act

Berty is one of a kind. A classical violinist and viola player with a beautiful soulful voice.  With years of...

Piano Trio

Piano Trio act

A piano trio is a perfect choice for a venue with a piano in it, such as Burgh House in...

Solo Harpist

Solo Harpist act

Hollie started studying the harp at the age of 8 under the tuition of Iona Evans. In 1997 she gained...

Harpist & Singer

Harpist & Singer act

Solo harp with voice is a beautiful combination. Ana can play a variety of different styles and can either just...

Flute and Harp Duo

Flute and Harp Duo act

Liquid Strings flute and harp duo is a lovely and elegant alternative option for your wedding. Seen less frequently than...

Violin and Guitar Duo

Violin and Guitar Duo act

Guitar and violin is a little used but great combination of instruments. A mix of classical and jazz, it adds...

Spanish Guitar Duo

Spanish Guitar Duo act

Our Spanish Guitar Duo is an award-winning act playing energetic flamenco and rumba-based music. With their fiery, upbeat, passionate sound and percussive guitar...


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