LS Classic Jazz Singer

LS Classic Jazz Singer act

Ivy is a stunning jazz vocalist who lights up any stage. She has sung with some of the biggest names...

Jazz and Pop Crooner – George

Jazz and Pop Crooner – George act

“Superb singer and entertainer, a charismatic performer, perfect for any special event. George creates a wonderful atmosphere!” (Private event, London)...

Eleanor – Singer with Guitarist

Eleanor – Singer with Guitarist act

Eleanor is a highly experienced performer with an amazing vocal talent.  Having been publicly singing from the age of 13,...

Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters act

Our singing waiters will make a fabulous surprise for your guests at your party, wedding or corporate event. Although they...

Wedding Gospel Choir

Wedding Gospel Choir act

“We just wanted to say thank you for coming to sing at our wedding on 30th July. You certainly didn’t...

Turkish Singer and Band

Turkish Singer and Band act

Turkish music is exotic and exciting. You can spice up your event with a Turkish theme, and your guests will...

Acoustic Vocal Duo

Acoustic Vocal Duo act

London-based Chloe and Rob perform at weddings, parties, and corporate events throughout the UK and Europe all year round. They have performed at...

Jazz Singer

Jazz Singer act

Francesca is a great London-based jazz singer for hire. She is available for weddings, parties and corporate events. Francesca’s act...

Guitar and Vocal Duo

Guitar and Vocal Duo act

As an acoustic duo for hire, Thom and Julie provide a versatile acoustic set with vocal harmony, songs and  general...

London Jazz Singer

London Jazz Singer act

Phoebe is a brilliant young jazz singer who can be hired as a duo, trio or quartet with her band....

Sax and Female Vocalist

Sax and Female Vocalist act

Here’s a fantastic female singer and sax player for hire in London from Liquid Strings. This duo was formed by...


Singer/Guitarist act

TJ is a professional London singer for hire who specialises in weddings, corporate functions, private parties and also does TV...

Male Singer with Sax

Male Singer with Sax act

A male singer and sax duo is a cool and slightly unusual background music act for an event. Guitarist/singer for...

Liquid Opera

Liquid Opera act

Liquid Opera, the LS Opera singers for hire in London is a sizzling, seductive crossover act performing musical theatre and...

Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir act

“The gospel choir were really great. They were upbeat, and really looked like they were enjoying themselves (despite the weather!)...

Jazz Crooner

Jazz Crooner act

Matthew is a modern day jazz crooner for hire in London honouring the timeless music of legends such as Frank...

Classical Choir

Classical Choir act

This choir performed Christmas carols for BBC2, and sang to Prince Charles on ITV1 as part of his 60th birthday...

Singing Violinist

Singing Violinist act

Berty is one of a kind. A classical violinist and viola player with a beautiful soulful voice.  With years of...


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