Our General Terms and Conditions

We guarantee availability for our bookings. If the particular act you book becomes ill or someone unpreventable crops up (barring an accident on the way to the event venue), we will offer as similar an alternative as possible for your consideration. If that is not of interest, we’ll return your deposit with no questions asked.

With few exceptions, we are unable to return deposits within 2 months of an event if you chose to cancel. This is simply because we work only with busy, free-lance professional musicians. If they’ve turned down other work we have to compensate them if you cancel the time slot and date they’ve especially reserved for you.

We have Public Liability Insurance of up to £2 million, which is satisfactory to most venues if they ask about this. Some acts have it higher but for the purpose of acoustic and small amplified bands, this should be plenty of cover. We are always happy to discuss with your venue if they have any particular regulations about music within the buildings.

We reserve the right not to play certain instruments outdoors in weather that is not suitable for it. We will always advise on whether it’s worth you hiring or even purchasing a gazebo with sides if you want your event and live music outdoors in the very unpredictable English climate. Stringed instruments in particular are very expensive and highly sensitive to both sunlight and moisture.

We endeavour to answer all enquiries as quickly as possible and be completely clear in all our communication about the music in your events. There are no silly questions, so we encourage our clients to ask if unsure. We don’t expect anyone to know about music in events, whereas this is what we for a living.

Payments should be made within the required schedule set out in our booking disclaimers. We reserve the right to withdraw any act if you do not pay the deposit you agree to pay to book in an act for your event. However, we are not inflexible and if there is a need to stagger payments for private bookings, especially ones more than 12 months in advance, we are always open to discussions about this.

We will always endeavour to help with musical requests and have a separate professional arrangement service which we can provide should the song not be easily available as sheet music for us to purchase or be prohibitively expensive.

We will carry out all bookings with the utmost professionalism and care. We want you and your guests to relax and enjoy the music whilst we work to make that look more simple than it actually seems.