Booking a DJ for a Corporate Event

A DJ performing at your corporate event is a great addition and can solve all your entertainment needs in one simple booking.

For a dinner or reception, or indeed both, a DJ can start off by playing some background tunes to create an atmosphere in the room. This is not the same as a simple playlist. A great event DJ brings a live element to the proceedings as he or she can react to the atmosphere in the room and play music to either get everyone more lively or possibly relax them if that’s what is required. Either way, no playlist can achieve the same result.

A good service-oriented DJ will be very focused on providing the right kind of music for your event, but will also be confident and experienced enough to know how to guide you with the music if you’re unsure. They will have tried and tested tunes and be able to ‘read the room’. This is a skill honed over years and can really enhance the atmosphere of any event and break down any awkward moments.

The level of experience of the DJ is therefore of high importance. It’s worth considering this and asking whomever you’ve booked about some of their corporate clients and previous bookings. Also, whether they specialise in commercial pop music or a bigger variety of genres. They should be able to adapt to any given event, but there are definitely timeless classics and the best of the most recent music from the charts that is unlikely to offend or alienate anyone and more likely to get guests up and dancing if that’s the plan.

Be aware of the set up time as most DJs will allow around 2 – 3 hours to set up their PA and any lighting etc. It’s worth noting that if you need them to arrive especially early and set up several hours before starting to DJ, that they may charge more for this. Most experienced pro DJs will have set rates that will usually cover up to around 1am, possibly a bit later – and then charge more for a later finish. Like all event professionals they may be more flexible for dates that are off-peak – certain weekdays and Sundays. Most corporate events take place on weekdays and often between Monday – Thursday so these are times that are good for hiring musicians and DJs in general. Although obviously the DJs that specialise in working on corporate functions will be more in demand on these days, with such a large amount of events happening during the week in the City of London and in London generally.

There are also DJs that perform with live musicians and this can work particularly well in corporate events also. If there is a dance floor, then these musicians can play on it and break down some barriers and any awkwardness with their playing live music as well as a more interactive aspect to the event.

Finally make sure your DJ has a sense of fun and enjoyment in what they do. The best ones will take a real pleasure from getting people up and dancing or relaxing and chatting depending on the event. They take personal enjoyment from the job and love to provide great entertainment.

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    Booking a DJ for a Corporate Event

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