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London Bagpiper

Hire a London bagpiper who’s been playing the great highland bagpipes for several years. His professionalism and experience in front of crowds of all sizes puts him in perfect stead to perform for all occasions. Bagpipes can add a royal touch to your event. There’s a reason why they are used for royal occasions. The military and royal background of this instrument is huge. With a ceremonial flair and pageantry, the pipes will really make your guests know they’re in a live event. This simply can’t be played as recorded music as it won’t have the same effect!

With a wealth of experience, he’s appeared on a range of well-known TV and Radio programmes. He has also featured as a session musician with well-known brands and bands, including Il Divo. The pipes played by a piper in full regalia (and there’s always a choice of outfits to suit the formality of the occasion) is quite an amazing sight as well as sound. It’s true that not everyone loves the sound, but everyone will be impressed!

If you would like to add a Scottish element to your celebration, making your event extra special and distinctive, get in touch. He’s based in the south-east of England but can travel to accommodate your specific needs. Enquire to hire our London bagpiper today and add a touch of royalty to your event.

With years of experience performing in some of the finest venues in London, such as the Royal Albert Hall, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, and on the Belmond British Pullman, our bagpiper will bring a unique flare, professionalism and quality to your event.

Contact us now to book this amazing bagpiper for your wedding, party, military or corporate event.


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