Wedding Entertainment and Music 2022

2022 is a year that we have high hopes for. Wedding entertainment and music galore! Lots of postponed weddings – even more new ones. It’s hopefully going to be a brilliant year for weddings. Micro, at home, large and lavish, small and sustainable and so many more.

We’re looking forward to providing entertainment. Finally getting some 2020 weddings to happen, and embracing the new ones that we have booked already for this year by forward thinking clients who know this is going to be a very busy year for the industry.

For wedding entertainment this year, the trends are yet to be completely revealed. Whilst our DJs are always popular for a variety of events, we’re noticing that many of our enquiries are for the excellent mix of live musicians and DJ. This is a a superb combination – it really is the best of both worlds for a great dance. The live musicians (think sax, electric violin, percussionist, trumpet players and singers), jamming with the expert beats in the background is a hugely entertaining and fun spectacle. It’s absolutely top drawer for getting your guests and you on the dance floor for a proper boogie.

Booking wedding music in 2022 can be nice and easy. We continue to get lots of requests for our wedding pop string quartets. Think Bridgerton with popular tunes (including the actual arrangements from the show) played on elegant string instruments. It’s a 2 for 1 act, with light classical music covered for the guest arrival. Then a selection of tunes for the ceremony. And finally the Bridgerton fun time afterwards for the reception. Representing great value by covering the whole of the first part of the wedding. For those with the means, something different for the wedding reception is always a bonus. But many of our clients who book us for all the entertainment are happy with either a background playlist or just a break from music. Later on it’s back with an impact from the first dance to the very last one of the night.

Then there are jazz bands, harpists, pianists, singers with backing tracks, guitarists, gospel choirs and much more. It’s your wedding so you’ve got to choose music that you’ll love. We can help you with this so contact us now to arrange music for your 2022 wedding, starting with a friendly chat!



Wedding Entertainment and Music 2022

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