String Trio in Drapers Hall for the Royal Horticultural Society

When asked for a live string quartet or string trio by the RHS for their event in Drapers Hall, we were only too happy to oblige. The RHS was organising a dinner for their donors. They wanted some live classical music as the guests arrived for the champagne reception and also for part of the dinner. Having played in Drapers Hall as well as some of the many other livery halls in the City, we knew the live strings would be very effective. Classical background music is befitting of the grandeur of these wonderful, historic buildings. A string quartet or corporate string trio makes a sophisticated sound and also looks the part in such a setting.

Our standard timings of 2 – 2.5 hours worked well for the event. Being easily portable, we started in the drinks reception area and played there for around an hour. So as guests were coming up the stairs the first thing that they heard and saw was the live strings playing light classical music. Later we moved into the Great Hall shortly before the guests started coming in for dinner and played there for around 20 minutes as guests were seated and before the welcoming speeches were made.

Finally we played for another 30 minutes or so during the first course. This is usually enough music for most events of this kind. By this time, everyone is talking and fully engaged, so there is no need for more music. The music has been there at the start and at the most important transitional part of the event as guests are being seated for dinner. After that, it has served its purpose and it’s a mistake to think that you need to just have music continuously playing through to the end of an event. For live string trio corporate entertainment like this, 2.5 hours is easily enough live music.

If you’re looking for some great live music for your event such as a corporate string trio, do get in touch today and we’d be happy to help.


    String Trio in Drapers Hall for the Royal Horticultural Society

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