Electric String Quartet or Trio for Weddings

Our electric string trio (who can also play as a quartet and even a quintet) recently played for Alistair and Thanh's wedding in Trinity Buoy Wharf and went down a treat, as they always do.

Here are the kind words we received a couple of days after the wedding -

'Thanks you so much for performing at our wedding. It was incredible and contributed to a perfect day. Bittersweet symphony walking down the aisle had all the guests talking for the right reasons. Highly recommend and v professional. Thank you xxxx.'

Whilst it's true that a string group playing pop music is not that different, whether electric or acoustic, there are some major and crucial differences worth asserting here.

- The sound distribution of an electric string trio or quartet is far more controllable. There is a common misconception that acoustic means not loud and electric means very loud. It's understandable but not accurate. The thing about acoustic music that is not amplified is that you can't control the distribution of sound so accurately. So for example, if you have 500 guests in a large hall and the string quartet are on one side of the hall, then they should be heard well by those nearest. But those guests on the far side of the venue from the quartet may not hear any music or just a tiny sound. This is especially true in a more noisy event, and these cannot be predicted. Some events get louder as they go and the drinks and canapés are flowing. As the sound levels rise in the room, the quartet can do their best to play louder. But there's only so loud that they can play and depending on the acoustics and other factors, they may not be heard.

- With an electric quartet or trio, you can position the speakers in most venues at strategic points. So you may have one speaker one side of the room and another on the opposite. The fear is then that the sound will be too loud and therefore drown out the guests talking, so become annoying rather than a pleasure. However, with a great group, they will have a dedicated sound engineer controlling the speakers in real time. This can be done discreetly with an iPad wirelessly, so the engineer can walk around in real time and adjust the levels until they're perfect. Perfect means the music can be heard but everyone can hear themselves and each other talking. It may sound simple, but it takes skill to achieve. And then they need to be on hand to adjust up or down accordingly - down a bit or up a bit, always being aware of the whole room and not just a portion of it. So why not just have a few speakers and a Spotify playlist? The simple answer is because live music, whether acoustic or electric, is completely different and much more elevating and entertaining, as well as being far more impressive and exciting visually. Which leads to the next point.

- With a well-dressed electric string quartet or trio, you get another level of visual presentation. Looking at the photo here, the outfits are all co ordinated and this superb group offer a choice of matching outfits and colours to go with the event. The cool, modern instruments are the cherry on the cake. They look more interesting than acoustic instruments and bring another dimension to the music. Events are highly visual and although a smartly-dressed acoustic string quartet will look absolutely fine, maybe you want something more contemporary as it fits more with your vision of the event.

So with more evenly distributed sound and an amazing image, whilst an electric string group will cost more than an acoustic one, it will also bring in a wow factor that we find our clients always think is worth paying for - both in advance and after the event.

This group will work just as well in weddings, parties and corporate events. They fit in beautifully in modern and classic London venues. We have a 100% success rate with their bookings as all our clients who've booked them have been completely happy with their choices.

Contact us now to book an electric string trio/quartet/quintet for your next event.

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