Big Band Play the Cavalry and Guards Club, Piccadilly

We're excited to work with this brilliant big band who have played in loads of exclusive events in London and the surrounding regions. This brief video above shows a clip of the band sound checking and warming up at the Cavalry and Guards Club on Piccadilly, where Liquid Strings is a recommended supplier.

We usually provide music for Club members here - birthday parties and weddings, mostly. In this case, the Club contacted us to provide live music for their Waterloo Ball. Our big band were more than happy to oblige and bringing a singer means there's an extra dimension, although they can do pure instrumental if that is required. A good boogie was what was required and some classy entertainment.

The military club is a great place for live music - although the rooms are not that large, they often have great acoustics and it's a versatile space with a few different rooms for the entertainment. In this case, the London big band were playing in the Field Marshall room downstairs in the Club and that's a long room with plenty of space for dancing. A big band will also work really well in the huge ballrooms of some of the big London hotels. Small tip - if you hire a big band or indeed almost any band, consider the sound requirements. You will pay more sometimes if the band have their own dedicated sound engineer. However, this can often be the best option. If there is a sound engineer already at the event for a PA you're using for speeches etc. then be sure that they will be happy to work with the band you're hiring also. If there's any question about this, use the sound engineer the band have, even at an extra cost. The sound will most likely be better and that can be more than worth it's weight in gold. We're always happy to act as intermediary and arrange all this for you and suggest what would seem to be the best option for each individual client.

Meanwhile, back to the Waterloo Ball. It went superbly and David, the Club Secretary reported back after the event -

'The evening was a great success – and the band were hugely enjoyed. I have also received very positive feedback about them since the evening – so many thanks indeed.'

Lovely Event for EC Global in Courtfield Gardens

We've enjoyed playing for EC Global for the last two years in Courtfield Gardens. It's a really lovely event that has been blessed with great weather for both years (it's like they can tell the future with the perfect timing of two stunning hot summer evenings!).

Wedding Music Tips Article

Wedding Music Tips Article

We have written an article on wedding music, and are proud to have the article featured on the blog of Ishari De Silva Weddings. The main thing we always recommend is choose music that you love.

Elegant Wedding in Pembroke Lodge featured in Love My Dress

Elegant Wedding in Pembroke Lodge featured in Love My Dress

We were delighted to be featured in Love My Dress for Anna and Dennis's lovely wedding in Pembroke Lodge - you can check the lovely photos by Jason Mark Harris and read the full article here. If you don't have time, here are Anna's kind words about us - providing music people enjoy is a great pleasure for us, so it's always a delight to be appreciated: "Brian at Liquid Strings was a pleasure to work with from start to finish and I can’t recommend him highly enough.